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“Going To Explode”? Rahul Dravid On Perception Post ‘Indiranagar Ka Gunda’ Ad | Cricket News— News Online (

File photo of Rahul Dravid in the Cred advertisement© Twitter

A couple of years ago, the advertisement featuring Indian cricket team head coach Rahul Dravid in an impatient and violent avatar took almost everyone by surprise. Dravid is a player who was well known for his discipline and politeness both on and off the pitch. However, the representation of the legend as a quarrelling individual was somewhat of a shock for the viewers. In a recent event, Dravid opened up about the now famous Cred advertisement and how he reacted to the title of “Indiranagar ka gunda”.

“There are people who look at me very differently now, thinking when is this guy going to explode. It’s been a really good, positive response. I wasn’t very sure about the reactions. But I think it’s been really well received,” he said.

“It’s been really positive except for my mum. My mum is still not really convinced about it. I think she still believes that I shouldn’t have been smashing the glass. She’s like – you really think this is…?”

While the love from the fans was overwhelming following the release of the ad, Dravid maintained that it was an extremely embarrassing shoot for him as he had to behave in an aggressive manner in the middle of a Mumbai road.

“It is probably one of the most embarrassing things I have done – standing in Bombay in front of the street. Even though it’s an ad shoot and you know there are people around you, who are semi-actors or whatever they are. Still, for someone like me to stand in the middle of that road, keep screaming and shouting, was really embarrassing,” Dravid added.

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