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Playing Now: Cricket As A Card Game | Other Sports News— News Online (www.googlecrack.com)

An image of the “Chai Cricket” game© NDTV

You can play cricket as a card game now over a cup of tea. Launched by a former sports journalist, “Chai Cricket” has 60 cards.  A maximum of four members  can play at a time. Each player gets six cards and rest of the 36 cards stay in the pool for players to pick and play.

The players get six turns alternatively to drop a card and pick one from the pool or from the set dropped by others. Each of the card would have a cricketing element which sets the cricket game moving. These include runs, no ball, wide, penalty runs and different forms of outs including  leg byes. There is also a super strike that scores 10 or 12 runs. There are wide combinations too, like wide and four runs or a no ball plus sox runs. The game came would be over a tea literally or during a short break or a drive.

The founder, Bagawati Prasad aims to convert it into an anytime card game. Last year his bootstrapped company “Butter Fingers” had launched 10D Cricket Family Board Game that brought families together for this ‘desktop cricket’. He told NDTV “My aim of to make India a sporting nation  by educating and inspiring the next generation as well as their parents  through many offline sports activities”.

Priced at Rs 149 the game, Bagawati says is very flexible lending itself to a series of modifications or creativity of the players.

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