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“Safar, Not Suffer”: Delhi Metro’s Meme On Shooting Reels Inside Coaches— News Online (www.googlecrack.com)

Delhi Metro has advised against shooting reels inside metro coaches with a meme.

The Delhi Metro, besides serving as a crucial mode of transport in the national capital, have also aced the meme game on social media. With videos, or reels, of people dancing in metro coaches surfacing on social media, the coaches have now become a regular set-up for content makers trying to go viral.

But the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has advised against it, sharing a hilarious meme on Twitter that sums up the various reactions of commuters to such acts.

The meme mimics a reality show setup featuring three judges – Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, and Terence Lewis. Here, the contestant is the person who makes Instagram Reels inside Delhi Metro while the judges are the fellow commuters who are reacting to it. “POV: People making reels inside Delhi Metro,” the caption reads.

In her remarks, Geeta Kapur is shown as saying, “Bete yaha dance nahi karte (you are not supposed to dance here)”. Actor Malaika Arora is shown echoing the sentiment of many commuters: “Don’t you think this is the wrong place?”

The best one comes from dancer Terence Lewis, who is shown as saying, “aapke steps bohot sahi hai lekin jagah nahi (Your steps are quite good but not where you are performing.)”

The meme also has this message for such passengers: “Kala ka safar manch tak hai, metro mein nahi (Talent must be showcased on the stage and not inside metro).”

The meme was posted with the text “Metro mein ‘safar’ karein, ‘suffer’ naa karayein (travel in the metro, don’t make others suffer)”.

DMRC’s cheeky take on people dancing inside metro has garnered hundreds of likes on Twitter.

A user sought to know whether passengers shooting reels videos can be fined.

Another highlighted that such impromptu performances have become “common nowadays”.

What’s your take on shooting Instagram reels inside metro coaches?

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