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Watch: Bike Thieves Try To Rush Through Delhi Colony Gate. Guard Was Faster— News Online (

The moment the bike thieves hit the colony gate at Everest Apartments in south Delhi.

New Delhi:

Two men posed as municipal officials and tried to steal a delivery agent’s bike but rammed into the gate of a colony in Delhi’s Kalkaji Extension today, after the guard managed to close it just in time.

One of them was caught by the residents and handed over to the police, though the other managed to run away. The incident was caught on a security camera.

The men had told residents of Everest Apartments in south Delhi that they were on building inspection. They spotted an opportunity around 2 pm, when a courier delivery agent left the key in the ignition as he got off to ring a doorbell.

They gunned the engine and tried to speed away. But the delivery agent shouted, and the guard rushed to close the gate. The men tried to sneak through but rammed into it, tumbling off the bike.

Area police from Govindpuri arrived on the scene after residents called the control room.



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