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Watch: Garba At Mumbai’s Marine Drive Brings Out Flavour Of Navratri— News Online (

Several youngsters were seen pulling off some of the classic Garba steps at Marine Drive.

As Navratri began this week, Garba performances have become common across the country. In one such celebration of the nine-day festival at the iconic Marine Drive in Mumbai, several youngsters were seen pulling off some of the classic Garba steps.

A video tweeted by industrialist Anand Mahindra showed a jubilant crowd participating in the dance performance, as onlookers sitting on the pavement were also seen sharing the enjoyment.

“Mumbai, Marine drive. The conquest and annexation of Mumbai’s streets is complete. But these are invaders who are welcomed with open arms. No place like Mumbai during Navratri. (I know I’m going to hear howls of protest from cities in Gujarat!)” Mr Mahindra wrote.

The video has amassed more than 3 lakh views on the social media platform.

A person wrote, “Sir, that means you have never visited Ahmedabad during Navratri. You are missing original vibes and correct steps of Garba.”

Another suggested, “For best and authentic Garba visit Vadodara.”

A user voted for Ahmedabad as the best place to witness some “traditional flavour” of the dance form. “Absolutely. No place like Amdavad during Navaratri. Mumbai’s Garba is not traditional, more dandiya than garba. Gujarat has traditional flavour,” he wrote.

 “I am Gujarati and I love watching garba anywhere sir,” wrote a person.

Navratri, the festival of nine nights, started on September 26 this year. During this time, devotees worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga and seek blessings for the well-being of their families. 



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