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YouTuber IShowSpeed Seeks Medical Assistance After ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ Experiment Goes Wrong— News Online (

YouTube sensation IShowSpeed was treated by paramedics

YouTuber IShowSpeed had to be treated by paramedics after a science experiment during a livestream went terribly wrong. The 18-year-old streamer who is known for animated responses while playing video games, recently performed an ‘Elephant toothpaste’ experiment in his bedroom during a stream. However, the experiment didn’t go as planned and it released toxic fumes into his home.

He said, “It didn’t work!” He added, “What is going on? Is it working? Oh my fucking God, it’s not doing it! … Ah, I can’t breathe.” Both the streamer and cameraman left the room for several minutes.

A fire alarm can be heard going off in the background.

One of his stream moderators posted a message on the livestream. “Speed is currently with the firefighters. They’re giving him oxygen so he can breathe. He should be fine guys.”

See the video here:

What is the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment?

It is a scientific process which requires hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast, and dish soap to create a foamy substance. When combined together, the chemicals react and cause the release of oxygen gas, and when this gas gets mixed with soap, it creates a large, foamy reaction.

YouTube sensation IshowSpeed has established himself as one of the platform’s leading content creators due to his dynamic personality and humour.

He also met Portugal football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo in June this year. For months, Speed had been trying to catch a glimpse of his idol and meet him in person. Last year, Speed had travelled to Qatar to watch Ronaldo play during the World Cup.



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